Monday, December 13, 2010

Assessment Results
20 People Particpated
Only 3 people need improvement
3 people are considered fit or in good shape
14 people were considered healthy

Overall the class faired pretty well. There aren't many people whom need improvement that participated in this assessment. Everybody participated and became more knowledge about using the BIA device.  Each student now knows their body composition, and if they need to make improvements.

Improving your Body Composition

The best way to improve your body composition is by eating a healthy diet, along with aerobic exercises. This will cause you to lose weight, and burn fat leading to a healthier body composition.

Test Validity

This test is not 100% accurate. The results after using a BIA device may be slightly altered by a few variables.


The assessment is very reliable despite the fact that it is not 100% accurate. A BIA device will give you a score close enough every time to your body composition. It is reliable enough to show if the person being assessed needs improvement.


To administer this event you first need a BIA device. Also bring a hand out which translates the score to let the person being assessed know what their score means. You should not participate in this assessment if you are pregnant. Consuming Alcohol, eating before the assessment, smoking, and dehydration are all factors which can alter the results of this assessment.

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